QC Pet Studies

Working with animals is a dream for many people. But most animal fields require years of study before you can start your career. QC is working to bring animal care careers into the world of online learning! With interactive online training under an expert's tutelage, you'll work at your own pace while completing hands-on assignments that prepare you for your chosen field.

dog groomer cutting dog's hair
Dog Grooming Course

Regular grooming is a key part to maintaining a dog’s health, and most dog owners prefer to leave their pooch’s grooming up to a qualified professional. With the dog grooming course, you’ll learn how to groom all different breeds and the various popular cuts safely and effectively. You’ll also learn how to launch your own successful dog grooming business.

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dog groomer applying first aid practices on a dog
First Aid for Groomers

Every groomer should be well-versed not only in preventing injuries, but also in dealing with injuries and medical emergencies should they happen. This course covers the types of dog injuries and medical conditions a groomer might encounter throughout their career. It’s yours at no cost when you enroll in the dog grooming course.

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