Karen Cuesta

event planner

Karen Cuesta
Valle Del Cauca

Events are all around us, every time of the year there is something to celebrate. Many just want to make a huge party but don’t have enough time or maybe they just don’t have many contacts. Here is where the event planner enters, giving clients personal advice, contacts, different options and most of all, time!
I think the most important in an event is the "magic" element.

Magic refers to the feelings that an event brings you, and is the most important factor for me, making the day of your event, a magic day!
My goal is to understand your concept and dream of event, and make it real in the highest level.I know that even a small event takes a lot of time and it can be very stressful, so I'm here to help you!

My name is Karen, I'm studying in QC School of Event and Wedding Planning. I guess I'm the only one in my region studying for being an event planner. This will give you more confidence for giving me the task of planning your special event.
As i said before I'm studying for being an event planner in QC School of Event and Wedding Planning, but I'm also studying Management in ICESI University in Cali, Colombia. I graduated from Berchmans School, i speak Spanish, English and I'm learning Italian.


As I'm still studying i don't have my services clear yet, but when i have my company built these will be my services:

Client Consultation: This service will be for free and is a meeting of about an hour, telling you all my services.

Databases and Advice: This will be a meeting of 2 or 3 hours in which you'll tell me everything you want for your party and I'll give you advice for the best to do in your case. I have databases with the best caterers, decorators, entertainment companies, etc. and according to you specifications I'll search everyone of this that best fits your event, and I'll give you their contact information.

Planning the event: With this package i will be in charge of planning absolutely every detail of your event.

Full Package: This includes planning the event, being in charge on the event day, and making rehearsals if required.