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Tracy Stiers

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Tracy Stiers

Brockton, MA

If your event budget is big, small or somewhere in the middle I want to help you turn heads. In a good way, of course. :)

It's my job to ensure that your themed event on the South Shore is one your guests remember for all the right reasons. My experience makes it possible for you to shine while staying under budget. Call now to schedule a free in-person consultation. (774) 218-1797

You deserve the best
Having planned numerous private functions and small charity events I understand the importance of staying under budget. I also understand the importance of making the most of your budget. You deserve the best theme, venue, entertainment, decorations, food and drinks your budget will allow. I want to help you shine.

As stated by the treasurer of Special Kindness In Packages,Inc. "Tracy is always flexable and full of cost saving ideas even at the last possible minute. We once had a issue with table linens for one of our events they didnt arrive. Tracy the night before the event found a cheaper yet better fitt for linens."

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. As I said before, I want to help you shine. Schedule a free consultation today so we can discuss your themed event.


Overview of my services
I offer comprehensive themed event planning that helps you stay under budget, guaranteed. What this means is that I'll work with you from now until after your event has taken place to make sure it is everything you want it to be.

While I do have an extensive network of caterers, entertainers, venues and other suppliers I do not create cookie-cutter events. In other words, your event will be fully customized for you. Your event will scream YOU if desired, or it can be an understated you if preferred. Everything about your event will be your choice and I will always give you options to choose from.

Below are a few of the more crucial elements to planning your event. I haven't listed every detail of how I can help you, but I hope this gives you a pleasant overview.

Selecting a theme
Hosting an event that your guests will remember for years starts by selecting the right theme. No matter if it's like a medieval New Year's, a Spongebob birthday, a sumer fun 4th of July or you imagine something else, your chosen theme is the glue that holds everything together. If you don't know what theme you want your event to have, I'll help you think of a few creative ones. Themes are only as limited as your imagination and the event budget.

Choosing a venue
With a bad venue, even the best theme will flop. For instance, if you want to host the event outdoors, we'll need a rain date or at least plan for an indoor location in case it rains. We'll also need to know the venue to determine food, drinks, decorations, entertainment... you get the idea.

Hiring entertainment
Bands are expensive, but live music is perfect for some events. DJ's always require electricity, but their playlists are very versatile. Clowns can be good for children's parties, but not every child likes clowns. Comedians are great for a laugh, but may not be right for the audience. I'll help you find the right entertainment.

Eating and drinking
Food and drink are crucial elements to any event. Depending on what's being served and how it's being served you may run into trouble with guests having food allergies, alcohol getting in the hands of minors, running out of food, bees and other insects getting into the food, etc. The list really could go on and on. I'll help you determine the best food and drink to have at your event based on theme, venue and guests. I'll also help you decide how everything should be served.

Decorating everything
Let's say you wanted a pirate themed dinner overlooking Plymouth Harbor and that we found the perfect venue to host the dinner at. Aside from the Black Pearl and Johnny Depp, what could you decorate the venue with? We could use swords, treasure chests, red bandanas, bones, gold and silver coins, jewels, sand, pictures, oars... the possibilities are endless. Decorations are the third most expensive part of most themed events - the most expensive being the food and second being the entertainment. I'll make sure your budget stays intact no matter how elaborate the decorations get.

Inviting guests
Making each of your guests feel important before they even get to the event is a fantastic way of making sure your event will be remembered by them. Personal invitations do just that. Whether handmade or store bought, I'll help you personalize each one so every invited guest feels equally important.

Please don't forget to call me to schedule a free consultation. (774) 218-1797