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Ellie Coome

event planner, wedding planner

Ellie Coome


Making moments and memories amazing.

About Me
A wedding, party or event is not just a time in your life; it is the time of your life. Making sure everything is in place, every detail is finalised and everything runs smoothly can make this special day stressful and worrying when it should be amazing.
An event planner can relieve this stress; ensure that your special day is special and relaxing for everyone, including you.
My name is Ellie Coome and I am an Events and Wedding Planner. My job is not simply to plan, to make the calls, bookings and meetings but to add something extra to your day. The organisational aspects of my job are important, I can provide you with com

What I have done
I have recently gratuated from University where I learnt a lot of my most valuable skills for this job. Not only did it teach me vital organisational skills when I ventured out and lived on my own but it gave me a platform to develop my event planning skills.
I became President of my University Dance Society which allowed me to follow my passion and embrace something I love and use it to my advantage.
I was responsible for running weekly timetables for classes, regular meetings not only internally within my committee but in the more formal and professional world of the wider University. I had to learn the difference in tone when relating to different people in these meetings and being friendly, approachable and tactile within a group of my peers but then knowing when it was appropriate to be professional and business like too.
I dealt with every problem my committee and teachers came up with and dealt with them efficiently so the people who paid for the classes were not left at any disadvantage. However my prime moments within the year were organising the dance shows. Whether they were big or small they had to run smoothly and perfectly and this involved a lot of organisation and planning. I dealt with booking contractors to printing tickets and dressing the stage. There were business elements in working to budgets to the look, sound and feel of the show.
I pride myself in this show so much as it led us to win the award of the Best Society, a true reflection of the success of my running the society.
I have also had involvement in organising smaller functions for fundraising for my Aunties Memorial Charity which has provided valuable experience in a different field of events.
I am still young and learning a lot in such a diverse business but I am passionate and enthusiastic and eager to provide the best service in order to make your day amazing.


My Services and Packages
I will start my job working with you with an informal meeting with you as the centre of the event. This is to outline the type and theme of the event and also proposed date and any other information that will affect different aspects of your day. We will then work together to brainstorm different possibilities, as I am sure your heads are filled with ideas already!
We will then formulate a plan in which we propose a budget and a list of elements you would like to have in your big day and this will act as both a plan and a checklist to work through throughout the process of planning the event.
A second meeting will then be arranged at a time that suits you. When you come to this I will have already compiled a list of contacts that are suitable and fit the criteria we outlined previously. This will provide an opportunity for you to come back to me with questions you thought of since our last meeting.
After this second meeting the process is organised to fit around you.
My services include contacting suppliers, locations and services, finding quotes and organising meetings. I will never book or pay for anything without your confirmation. I will attend any appointment that I organise with you and then once you have made your final decision I will make them happen. I will go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need.
Closer to the day I will plan and co ordinate any rehearsals and final meetings to ensure everything is going to plan and anything that isn’t I will have changed within the day.
When it comes to the big day I will be there before during and if you require after the event to co ordinate and oversee the proceedings. Any worry is my worry.
As everyone’s big day is different and special to them after the initial meetings everyone’s experience with me is different.
This is because I will adapt to suit your needs because it is your day.
My Packages
Different people require different services and degrees of help therefore I am developing different packages where you choose and pay for as much or as little help as possible.
These will be:
Grace: The basics. After an initial meeting it will be your choice how much or little you need me. You will still have full access to all my clients.
Audrey: A more structured package. This includes not only access to my contacts but assistance with bookings and basic decisions.
Marilyn: The works! Full co ordination and support leading up to the event and throughout it.
All packages can be upgraded if you decide you need a little bit more help and prices are based on work carried out.
Its your day, I will tailor myself to you!