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Kirstie Robinson

wedding planner

Kirstie Robinson


The best place for all your wedding day needs!

Hi i'm Kirstie and i'm a wedding planner.

I aim to provide the best quality service that you would ever need to ensure that the best day of your life goes as smoothly as possible.

I try to make sure that if you require any assistance i'll be there for any problems you may have.

I've alway been interested in weddings and how they look and go ever since i was a little girl.

When the opportunity came about to get involved in the organisation of them i had to jump at the chance. I think that my attitude is perfect for such a position and previous experience in the area of customer service gives me that extra edge in a competitive industry.


I aim to provide any need that a bride or groom may require on their special day. From flowers and food to dresses and diamond rings i intend to provide any service that may be needed.