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Kathryn Giess

event planner, wedding planner

Kathryn Giess

Bundamba, ACT

I am committed to making your event a success every time, with my ability to create a truly personalised approach to everything I undertake.

I will design all aspects especially for you including your invitations, place cards and any other, desired decorations, with my creative expertise.

And also will include you in the final design processes.

I am currently doing the wedding planning and event course through qc wedding planning.

I have had a lifetime of learning so far and still am wanting to learn more.

I did my own wedding in 2006, and it was the most talked about for a couple of years, after the event, I am currently helping a friend budget for her wedding next year, and helping her get here life back on track.

I finished high school in 1996, i got married myself in 2004 and did majority of my wedding my self.


I plan to charge a set rate $ 1500 - 2500 and no more for my expertise, but additional prices will be included for invitations to buy supplies ect. No matter how long it takes to achieve the perfect event everytime.

I will be there every step of the way to create a once in a lifetime event for each and every client.

my personalized event, co ordination will consist of me physically having a hand in everything that will be done to ensure there is no suprises.

I will not be happy until your happy!