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Jessica East

event planner , wedding planner

Jessica East

0417 143 954

Simple Clean & Elegeant

I am an extremely organised, tidy and clean person. I pay a lot of attention to detail and I consider myself a perfectionist. I am confident, honest and have great communication skills. I like to take control the situations and get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Reading, Cleaning, Interior Design, Events & Weddings are my strengths.I have an open mind, I take on any opportunity I can to gain my knowledge and get involved with hands on experiences, and have the confidence to take on responsibilities and enjoy a challenge.
I have a neat appearance a pleasant manner and am always willing to help and put other people first.

Since i was 18 I have been working with the public, meeting customers needs in all areas such as waitressing, bar, reception, functions, cleaning, gaming and TAB. I have dealt with all sorts of situations and different cultural diversities and I understand peoples needs and this is why I have branched off from hospitality and into Events.

Interior Design
I spent a short amount of time working with my previously local interior designer. I have always had a passion for colour and design and mixing and matching with objects, furniture etc so I breifly went down this road for a few months.
Here I learnt alot about colour, texture, fabrics, curtains and furniture. I enjoyed the experience of consulting clients with fabrics and expand my knowledge in the design area.
After 3 months I discovered I was more into the organisational side of design and had more of a flair for creating an Event.

Previous to moving to Emerald, I was working along side the Event Coordinator at my local Southern Grampians Shire, Hamilton Victoria. I was given the task to develope a 'Event Planners Kit.' This involved collecting all areas that is possibly used to create an Event and creating a 'go to' guide for the public to use if they wish to run an Event or Conference in our local area (Victoria).
I am so confident that this opportunity has given me enough knowledge and use this to develope great and unforgetable events in the future.


I will keep you posted in this area, but currently I am offering my services in the more personal Events such as Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Engagements and Milestones.
I am new to Queensland so I am currently building my rapour with all the services that Emerald have to offer.

In the near future I am also hoping to offer my own Invitaion/Stationary Business. In this field I will cover a wide range of areas that I will be including into my services.