Haylee Risley

event planner , wedding planner

Haylee Risley
Baylis, IL

"Be Your Own Guest at Your Next Event"

Welcome! I am just starting out as a professional event and wedding planner but I have been in the business of event coordinating since I was in grade school. Between multiple birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and pageants, I’ve spent most of my free time planning something for friends, charities, my community, or people who attended one of the events I had planned and wanted me to help with theirs. So, after many years of ‘practicing’, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to branch out and start my own career.

Just a little about me:
I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in Business Administration. I’ve spent the last six years in The United States Army Reserves as a Human Resource Assistant and Commander’s Driver. I have lived a little bit of everywhere but my roots are in Pike County, Illinois where I co-own a restaurant. I’m a world class bow hunter, a fitness fanatic, and always take planning to the extreme details!


Consulting: We meet a few times to just review your plans for your event. If you need help finding a caterer, rental company, photographer, etc., I make suggestions and give you a referral. Also, anything you would like to have a professional’s opinion on, such as, decorations, locations, menu, or over all logistics, I can help and make professional suggestions for that too. This is the minimal option of involvement.
Finish Line Service (Day of Service): I call this the finish line for apparent reasons. We meet prior to the day of the event to go over the details in which you have arranged. My job is to show up the day of the event make sure everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy the day!
Start to Finish Service: This process typically starts months in advance. We will have an initial consultation that discusses your vision of the event. My job is pretty straight forward: I try to make this happen! I may discuss different options or alternative directions of the event. My focus will be to organize the event from start to finish making your vision a reality. You choose the amount of involvement you would like to have in the planning process. You can either just have me check in and update you on how the planning is going or you can participate along the way. This also includes Finish Line Services.
I can accommodate for almost any event such as…
Holiday Parties
Business Conferences
Networking Events
Birthday Parties
Fundraiser Events
And Many Others….

Just e-mail me at rizle87@gmail.com for more information