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Immacula Carpentier

event planner, wedding planner

Immacula Carpentier

Miami, FL

Immacula Carpentier began her career in Florida Hospitality industry. I have more than 7+ years of experience.That includes at least four years in the Hotel and Casino Industries in South Florida, I later took on my endeavor to New York City where I further extend my years of practice in the field of affordable housing in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Immacula Events & Planning started in 2011 by Immacula Carpentier. I started the company after training specifically for wedding planning.

During my many years of experience, I have gained a great deal of strengths in account maintenance, problem-solving and It was my dream to provide clients with quality event planning they could trust at an affordable price.



Birthday Party
Private Party
Corporate Event
Holiday Parties
Charity Events
Client Appreciation Events
Fundraising Event
Open House Events
Rehearsal Events