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Sharon Appleby

event planner , wedding planner

Let me plan your special day with ease


As a member of the Riverland community I have noticed the need for an event & wedding planner. People within the community are becoming busier and busier and don't have the time to rush around and look for caterers, venues, invitations, or decorations. There seems to be never enough time to organise for that special day for a family member or friends.

This is where I become involved!

As an event & wedding planner I will plan and organise that special day for you where you can relax and enjoy the event or wedding with ease, and to make sure that special day is most memorable to your family member or friend.

Over the years I have become multi tasked where I am a well organised person where I have taken the advantage of using my skills as an events & wedding planner by being a professional administrator, management, and specialise in customer service. In having these skills gives me the advantage and opportunity of organising and accomplishing many tasks required for planning for that special day.

On many occasions I have planned and given advice on how to organise milestone birthdays, such as 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, and children’s birthdays, weddings, engagements, and public events. Planning and organising many successful events & weddings has given me the pleasure of seeing people enjoying themselves, by being relaxed and free from stressful planning and organising of these special occasions.


What areas do I work in?

Working from Berri, which is the central area of the Riverland, I can provide my services to you of up to a 150km radius with ease. Regardless of where you live or where you want your special day held, I can be there for you.

What services do I provide?

Consultation Only
Children's Birthday Parties
Milestone Birthdays
Engagement Celebrations
Wedding Anniversaries
Public fundraising Events

What is provided within my Services?

As part of my services we will determine the following:-
What is your budget?
What invitations are need?
What decorations are required?
What catering is required?
Is undercover required for the venue?
What entertainment is required?
My services will also include:-
Locating Caterers, Venues, Cake Decoraters, Florists, etc
Setting up of the venue
Cleaning services afterwards