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Lisa Larson

event planner , wedding planner

Lisa Larson

Bend, OR

Hello there! My name is Lisa Larson I am 21 and I am studying to become a professional party and event planner. I had decided to become an event planner when I was care giving here in Bend Oregon. I noticed how, every time we would have an event the whole building of residents would just be glowing with happiness. They were excited before the event started, happy while they were enjoying the company of others at the event, and pleased that they were able to get out and do something fun after. I thought to myself, why can’t we all feel like that?

As a new event and party planner I will be able to have a fresh take on your ideas. You will want your event to be unique to you and your guests. I can make that happen. Being the new guy on the planning block, I am not stuck into a routine I will be puttting everything I have to make this event the best one so far!
The three best attributes I have that will help me to help you in this field are interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and last but not least communication skills. What does this mean to you? I will be very affective, precise and trustworthy of your time being that organization saves you money, time, and a headache. My interpersonal skills will help me to tailor your event to what you want it to be and ensures that not only will we be working together but we will be having fun doing it! Communication is great all the way around. The biggest way that this will help us as a team is that you will know every detail I am working on. I very much look forward to getting to know you and making an event that will leave you and your guests glowing with happiness.


The services I offer are:

Client Consultation

Complete planning services

Day of coordination services

And really anything in between! If you are curious about what services I can provide you just Email me with your questions, and thank you very much for looking at my site!