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Sola Aden-Fawole

event planner , wedding planner

Your wish is my command.

My name is Sola Aden-Fawole. I am an Event and Wedding Planner.

Planning is one of my greatest assets. I like to see all things done decently and in order.

I believe when you make adequate preparation for an event then things tend to work out well at the event; and even where there appears to be a hitch or two, there would either be little or no impact because you would have made adequate contingency plans to cater for the "what ifs".

So if you are thinking of putting up any event, please give me a call or send me an e-mail. No event is too small or too large. Simply leave it up to me.

A trial will convince you.

I am an ex-Civil Servant. I worked for Her Majesty's Government for 24 years before I took early retirement on 1 July 2011. During my time in the British Civil Service I held various posts and arranged a lot of meetings, conferences and events in all shapes and kind.

I also worked as an Emergency and Contingency Planner. This entailed representing my Department during real-life emergencies in the UK (i.e. Pandemic Flu, Flooding Events, and Volcanic Ash, to mention a few). I was also responsible for planning, executing and participating in simulated nation-wide exercises in preparation for real life events/disasters.

I am the Official Wedding Planner for my local Church, where I happen to plan an average of at least 12 weddings a year for the past 8 years; and co-ordinate at least 20 major events in a year.

I have also planned a lot of weddings, birthday parties and various events on behalf of my relatives and friends and I facilitate Traditional Wedding Engagement Ceremonies in my local community.

I hold a BA Degree in English Studies, European History and International Relations; and a Master's Degree in Sociology of Development.


I am here to help you plan your dream event, thereby relieving you of the stress that this tends to bring prior to your event, during your event and immediately afterwards.

I arrange all sorts of events. Weddings, Traditional Engagements, Birthday Parties, Conferences, Training Events, etc.

My initial consultation is free anywhere within London. Outside London my client pays my transportation fees.

For further information and to know more about prices, please call me on 07983489991, or send me an e-mail sola.adenfawole@btinternet.com