Katherine Young

event planner

Katherine Young

The perfect solution to all wedding and event planning. We are here to eliminate the stress and time it takes to arrange such events, leavin

My name is Katie and I am an event planner for Young at Heart MK Wedding and Event planners.

Whatever your needs, I will assist you from the start and see it through to the end, helping you to find the right entertainment, the tastiest food and the best venue. I will make the time consuming calls and find the best value for money.

We will help you create unique and memorable events through creative planning and precise execution.

I am a married mother of two. Most of my life I have worked in call centers, but have longed to find my calling ( A real cliche I know), something that really suited me. I have always been a creative person such as designing and making handbags.
This creativity helped make planning my own wedding a joy. I had researched designs and made most of my own wedding decorations such as favours, napkin holders and table runners and my own balloon display.

I managed to create my dream wedding at half the cost. All my guests commented on how relaxed the day was and how much better it was than most weddings they had been to in the past .

I knew then what I wanted to do, Help others achieve their dream wedding or event like I had.


The services we offer include:
Baby showers
Stag/Does Parties
However we are limitless if you have an event to be organised then please contact us.