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Helen Stevens

event planner, wedding planner

Helen Stevens


Helping you celebrate with those that matter most.

I am a family-orientated student based in West Berkshire. Whether casual or formal, no celebration is too small to be organised. My services are dedicated to planning an event that brings together the people that matter most to you.
When family and friends are that important, you want them to play a part in celebrating your event. But sometimes things get out of hand and you end up with a guest list of people you barely know and the costs spiralling upwards. That’s where I come in. I can help you keep within your budget and keep the guest list under control so that the intimacy of your event is not compromised. Being a natural list-maker means no detail will be forgotten; the littlest things matter even when the party is for just two!

Having family and friends in various locations around the world means that for me, celebrated events are even more special. I am a recent mathematics graduate (so working with a budget is not a problem!) and current QC IEWP student, wanting to further my knowledge of planning events. My love of organising and celebrating has allowed me to plan a variety of events, such as 18th birthday parties, school discos, family reunions, corporate Christmas parties and even a fashion show.


Each client will receive an initial consultation (either thirty or sixty minutes, depending on the event) where we discuss your requirements and I show you what I can offer. The pricing for this is either £40 (thirty minutes) or £60 (sixty minutes).

There are then numerous options for you once you have decided to enlist my services. I can help you organise a specific aspect, such as the budget, various areas or the entire event. If you are unsure about where you may need my services, you can book a number of hourly timeslots to use as you please.

The pricing is dependent on your requirements and the service you choose, and will be discussed at your consultation. The initial consultation costs will also be subtracted from your final bill.