Becka Kea

event planner , wedding planner

Becka Kea
Pefferlaw, ON

My name is Becka Kea. I am currently a student at QC School of Event & Wedding Planning. I decided to get into this line of work after realizing how many of my family and friends came to me for help with organizing any party, get together and even a few of their weddings. I love organizing events to get people together and just have a great time. Stress free and just an all around PARTY!!

I'm a mother of twin boys. My world is my family. the number one thing I believe in is family first. Their the people that you can always count on the most, no matter what may be going on. A lot of my most closest friends I would honestly consider part of my family.


You name it I will plan it.

I have planned different types of parties and am willing to be thrown any new type of an event.