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Janet Batten

event planner

Janet Batten

Jacksonville, FL

Let us plan an event Especially for You!

Especially for You is just that! We are here to provide a professional service to our clients so that they may enjoy their day and alleviate the stress. Your event from a bridal shower to retirement party is yours and it should define you. Should your event be intimate to elaborate we are here to provide our client with the most fantastic day that you could dream of! We will listen to you and work with you to create your special occasion We will work within your budget to create the experience of a lifetime. We are here to handle everything from the vision to the completion of the event so our clients can cherish the memory forever!

I'm a 42 year old Mother of 2 beautiful girls! My whole life I have enjoyed planning parties and helping my friends with theirs. My children always had big birthday parties while they were growing up, whether they deserved them or not :), because I loved planning and giving them. About 15 years ago I met a wonderful lady, Jeanne, who has come to be one of my dearest friends. She also loves to plan events. She has had huge Christmas parties and family parties since I have known her. She is the etiquette and I'm the new idea person. We have finally gotten to a point in our lives that we have decided that we want to do something that love rather than a dull job. We love planning events for our friends and family and seeing their excitement at what we have created for them. So we finally decided to start a business to share our love of event planning.


We provide everything from the decorations to the venue to the food, whatever our client's needs are. Will plan any event that may be needed.

Bridal Showers
Baby Showers
Anniversary Parties
Birthday Parties (children and adult)
Retirement Parties

Whatever event you want we will plan!