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Kelly Hunt

event planner

Personal planning - Because each event is as unique as the people involved.

My name is Kelly Hunt, a newcomer to the field of Events Planning as of October 2011.
When planning an event for myself, I know that I always have an idealistic image of how I want it to be. It is therefore my job, as the planner, to serve my clients in turning their dream event into reality. By combining their ideas with my own, I know my personal yet professional service will maximise results whilst minimising stress, and my client can leave the hard work to me!
I am available to serve events in all areas of Kent.

In terms of education, I spent 2004-2011 at Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School in Canterbury, one of the highest achieving schools in the county. Throughout my seven years there I developed my leadership and organisational skills through recurring positions of Form Captain and Charity Representative, and in my last year I took on the all-important role of Sixth Form Co-ordinator, and giving me the responsibility of managing all events and issues within the 300 students that made up the Sixth Form. This gave me the opportunity to organise numerous events - from countless bake sales, to a movie night, and a sponsored walk raising almost £600 from the sixth form girls alone.

Outside of school I have also organised a large fundraiser for a local football club in June 2010, consisting of many stalls, games and activities, which successfully raised over £1500. I also worked independently to organise and run an Awards Evening for my local Youth Drama Group, which helped me expand from the fundraising events that I have had more experience in.

I realised over my time at school that Events Planning was the path for me, and when I visualise my future, that is it. I have always strived to succeed in the work I do, and I love nothing more than the satisfaction of an event coming together.


Being new to the Events field, my main intentions are to simply get involved with every aspect of Events in any way I can. I am prepared to offer services to any extent, be it one component of an event or the whole package, and I intend to offer a very personal service to my clients, to ensure each one feels valued.

I don't see myself at a disadvantage because of a lack of experience compared to other professionals. I see this as a bonus for my clients, because I can devote more of my time and efforts towards an event than a larger and much busier company. I can also use my fresh creativity to form new ideas for events, as opposed to long-standing companies who may have slipped into routine.

Although I myself am from the Whitstable area, I do not wish to limit myself to servicing events just there, and I am happy to plan events in any part of Kent.

I have a strong passion for my work, and I always ensure I complete a task to the best of my abilities. I will stretch myself to obtain the perfect results that both my client and I will envisage, because I know from personal experience the satisfaction of an event coming together just as I had hoped, and I believe that each event is one-of-a-kind - just like a person.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.