Victoria Macrow

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Victoria Macrow

Affordable style for priceless memories

My name is Victoria Macrow, I am an up and coming Event and Wedding Planner who has the desire to make your event magical.
I believe My Flexibility will help in the event and wedding planning industry because i will be available as and when a client needs me, also Greater loyalty, trust and respect towards clients
My creativity will approach a clients need, a task or an idea from a new perspective.

At the start of my career I would position myself in the middle of the market and work my way up to become a successful and well known event and wedding planner who strives to be the best and most reliable in and around my area and also build myself a good reputation. I desire to be the best at planning great and memorable events which suits all my client’s expectations.

I have had experience with weddings as I joined together with my friend to help her with a wide range of planning. She was very happy with my organization skills, my organization skills range from being responsible for the invites down to arranging the entire decor.


The services I plan to offer will be a well-organized Event and Wedding planning business with a touch of class and professionalism, I plan to be open minded with all my clients and give them one to one advise, help and support and a full event package to meet their personal needs. I aim to provide a professional, efficient, passionate approach to organizing and coordinating any ‘celebration’, with limitless creativity that celebrates every client’s unique sense of style.
I plan for my business to be reasonable fair prices, Not to expensive but then again not to cheap, I want potential clients to think my prices are acceptable and that I can still do a professional job.
I want to base myself in the middle to suit every clients needs and take the stress away from them.
I will successfully use my skills, knowledge and creativity to provide the perfect experience the client wouldn’t forgot, also take care of every detail