Nicole Paech

event planner, wedding planner

Nicole Paech
Adelaide, SA

Want something wacky or tradition I am the woman for you!

Hello, My name is Nicole Paech. I do both weddings and events. I am a fun loving very friendly person that likes to add a bit of fun to an event or wedding but I can also be very personal and discreet if needed. I am a very good listener and will go out of my way so you have the best event ever. Love challenges.

My background is mainly retail which has helped a lot of conversing with many types of people and have helped with organizing events for the family.


My services include Weddings, indoor, outdoor, its whatever you want, I love doing all of them. I also do events, birthdays, work events, anniversaries, Christmas parties, new year's parties. Am available day or night so if there's any concerns or worries. If you're after something in particular I'd be more than happy to help out and make sure you get what you want.