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Ava Kamaleddine

wedding planner

Ava Kamaleddine

Calgary, AB

Make the Impossible Possible....
Letting your dreams run wild.

Happy Endings is a unique wedding planning business aimed to satisfy all of our clients need’s and go above and beyond. We work with couples to make their whimsical wedding come to life. We are driven and strive for only the best!

Do you dream of that fairytale? Do you wish for the day your Prince Charming will whisk you away into a magical realm full of love and prosperity?
We all wait patiently until we find our Prince or Princess…and once we do, we want our dream wedding to come true.
I am here to help you with your wedding. I went to school at QC Event and Wedding Planning and earned my certificate with high marks. I am outgoing, ambitious, driven and only expect the best in everything I do. I am accomplished and will make any dream come to life. My passion is planning and with my help we will succeed to the highest level of excellence.



Initial Consultation-$60/per hour
This will include a sit down with the client and discuss in details our services and your needs.

Package One: Pre Prep-$85/per hour
This package includes preparation for the client leading up to the day of the event. This package will have me booking venues, vendors, caterers, and assisting with budget plans. This will also include planning with the Bride and Groom thoroughly the entire term.

Package Two: -$90/per hour
This package includes everything listed in Package One but also includes “Day Of Event” over seeing. I will be present to assist in anything needed the day of.