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Kayleigh Green - Bsc (Hons)

event planner, wedding planner

Kayleigh Green - Bsc (Hons)


Taking the stress out of your memorable moments.

I'm Kayleigh, and I'm currently studying the QC School's Event and Wedding Planning Course.

I'm excited to get the course completed, and can't wait to start my career in Event and Wedding Planning - It's been my dream for too long, now it's time to make it reality!

I studied a Tourism and Hospitality Business Management Degree as Sheffield Hallam University. I graduated with a 2:2 Bsc Honours Degree in 2008.

During my course I fell in love with the Event Planning modules, and it was from this point that I decided that was what I wanted to do. I had the idea to gain some Tourism experience and obtained a job working for an online travel provider when I left university. The aim was the increase my travel knowledge in order to merge this with an Events career to offer holidays and other special events abroad.

I progressed with the travel operator and built up a vast knowledge of travel, and also gained further experience with administration tasks and also supervision/management of others. I believe this has given me a firm base to now proceed with the career I want - Event and Wedding Planning.


My aim is to provide a wide, but focused, range of services.

I'd like to provide a niche service of helping men (or women) plan their proposal. Many proposals nowadays involved a lot of planning to make the experience special - you'll find a vast amount of videos on the internet of peoples extravagant proposals to their other half, and it's becoming increasingly popular to go that extra mile for that special occasion. I want to provide a service that helps people achieve this.

We'd obviously all like to assume that the answer would be "Yes" and if that's the case I'd then like to provide an incentive for the couple to continue with my services by offering a reduction in fee's for the planning of their big day.

Whilst my main focus will be Weddings, I would also like to provide additional event services, especially for Milestone events such as Christenings, Birthdays, Graduations etc. I will develop this further once I've achieved experience in other areas.

I would also like to incorporate my travel knowledge as much as possible, so for all events I would also offer the opportunity to consider events abroad for those customer's wanting that type of experience.

I'm currently based in Sheffield but will also provide services to the surrounding areas if requested. I would also be open to enquirers from the Norfolk area, as this is where I grew up until I moved to university aged 19, and my knowledge of the area is substantial.