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Jasmin Winston

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Jasmin Winston
Pittsburgh, PA

"We do not remember days, we remember MOMENTS" -Cesare Pavese


I would like first to thank you Jasmin. You made me feel at ease and totally comfortable from Day 1 when it came to preparing and planning for my party. Not only did you make the process for me as easy as possible, all I had to do was give you the idea and allowed you to work your magic. That's a total relief for a person like me, who can get a little overwhelmed with the planning of an event of this magnitude. I was totally blessed to have you as my event planner! I look forward to future events (wedding, kid's birthday parties, etc.) that of course will be all yours to plan! I can't thank you enough for the help and continue to be a great, genuine, and good spirited person that you are. I wish you all the success in the world! Reach for the stars, be a blessing and be blessed. :-)



Jasmin is a very up beat person and makes the day a better experience when she is around. She always carries a smile on her face and will go above and beyond for her clients as well as her teammates. When working with Jasmin we were always able to get the job done with time left over. She is a great team spirited person and was always willing to assist in any way possible. She is always willing to learn new things and help others to learn as well. I know that if there was anything I was not sure about she was my go to person.



Jasmin gives off the best vibe and energy, which makes her that much more easily to work with and be around.  When it was time to get our college events together, it was Jasmin that was so enthusiastic to plan and get everything together and get it done right. If it wasn’t for her all our birthday parties and events wouldn’t have happened, which means none of us would have these memories today and we all thank her for that. Thank you for your passion in event planning, your creative ideas and drive to making perfect memories last forever.  It has been a great deal in a lot of people's lives.   Sky’s the limit with you Jasmin! I wish you the best, as always, I know you will be the best.