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Bernadette Haley

event planner , wedding planner

Bernadette Haley

Germantown, MD

Event and Wedding Planning....IN KINGDOM STYLE...
The Key to Doing it Right!

Hello! My name is Bernadette C. Haley, but you can call me Bernie. I’m a certified event and wedding planner. “In Kingdom Style” is a Christian-based event and wedding planning service that operates according to biblical principles, under the covering of Christ Church of Rockville Ministries, Bishop Henry M. and Carolyn Joyner. I provide custom, cost-effective, creative and efficient services. And, I do it all with integrity, excellence, and elegance. That is what I call “In Kingdom Style,” and that’s the key to doing it right!

By trade, I’m a senior-level proposal manager with more than 15 years of experience managing project, schedules, and people. I am detailed and task oriented. I envision a project from start to finish and work with others to make that vision a reality. The expertise and skills I’ve acquired in my profession are the perfect launching point for a successful career in event planning.

I also have more than 4 years of experience planning and hosting social events. I would consider it an honor to plan your event and to help make it a success that is talked about long after it ends.


I specialize in social, private, and special events; birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. My service to you can be as minimal as providing a consultation to give advice or guidance to point you in the right direction. Or, I can go all out and manage your entire event from consultation to clean up.

I can design and decorate your event facility. Or, I can work with a team to have your facility decorated.
You will be kept well informed and will have the final signoff/approval for all event activities so that there are no surprises in what you expect to receive.
Most importantly, I conduct my affairs in honesty and with integrity. If for any reason I am unable to manage your event, I will quickly let you know. I want your event to be a success, and hope that you will consider my services for an event in the future.


If you are like most women today, your life is full—maybe even too full. There are so many things to do and so many demands on your time. “In Kingdom Style” provides you with elegance and ease in all your social events. Bernadette, “Bernie,” Haley is a long-time member of Christ Church of Rockville Ministries (CCRM). Her vision of the Kingdom provides a rich fountain of knowledge and principles needed to bring a touch of class to “In Kingdom Style” services. We, the Pastors of CCRM, highly recommend Bernadette to you. We are sure that you will be blessed beyond measure.

Bishop and Mrs. Henry Joyner, Christ Church of Rockville Ministries

"Ms. Bernie has the unique gift of listening to an idea and translating it into a gala that transcends the initial wishes. She accomplishes it all with integrity, professionalism and grace, and she is a joy to work with."

Dr. H. Lee Joyner, Jr., Lead Teaching Pastor, Christ Church of Rockville

“Excellent job planning yesterday’s Founders Day Celebration. It was second to none! Ora and I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the service, as we celebrate your success. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in this endeavor. You helped to show us all the importance of coming together to celebrate a very important occasion.”

George Rollins, III, Teaching Pastor. Christ Church of Rockville

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