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Toni Bowersox

wedding planner

Toni Bowersox

McAlisterville, PA

Making EVERY moment special

My name is Toni Bowersox and I love the world of wedding planning.
It truly is breathtaking when you know you've helped a Bride's dream come true.
I love the look of amazement in a Brides eyes on her day, realizing she is taking in every detail and every moment and that her dream has come true.
I love being in the background, pulling everything together.
I love knowing that I helped put together beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.
This is my passion.

I live in a small town in McAlisterville, Pennsylvania.
Summer is the best season; shorts, sunshine, & camping.
& who doesn't like a good summer cookout? (Of course I have to plan every aspect of it, from tablecloths, to which plasticware to use, to mountain pie stuffings)
My family & friends mean the world to me. They help me through the bad days & are always there with me during the good times. I love them with all my heart!


I will work side by side with you throughout your event.
I will help make your wedding day dream become a reality.
I will work with vendors around the area to create a perfect end result, while maintaining your individuality.

Services include:
Full Wedding Consultation
Wedding Design & Styling
Engagement Parties
Rehearsal Donners
Bridesmaid Luncheons