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Lauren Hickman

One Infinity weddings

Now your engaged you will either have :
- a number of ideas, struggling to settle on what you want
- a blank canvas, unsure where to begin
- a complete understanding of what you want and be ready to get stuck in

Either way we can help you. Wither you need alot of help or only alittle we can assist you to make the planning process as simple as possible.

My name is Lauren Hickman with One Infinity weddings, Together we aim to make not only your wedding day but the entire journey as smooth sailing as possible. We can offer new and fresh ideas if you need a place to start or we can simply take charge with what you already have in mind and take the pressure off by completing bookings and appointments for your requirements when you are unable to do so. With our services we will be as involved in the planning process as you need, we have 3 different packages available one of which is sure to suit your requirements. We will make your ideas come together and become a reality on your wedding day by taking care of all the time consuming details that cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding buzz.

wither your wedding is big or small we aim to create a great relationship with our clients and will ensure we assemble your day the way you want it because At One Infinity weddings the possibilities are endless.


We are simply the helping hands who create your vision exactly how you want it. With our Pearl Package we are available on the day to ensure everything runs as smoothly as expected to ensure the wedding party simply get to enjoy the day. we will meet with the couple 6 weeks before the wedding and have a run through of the day from start to finish, have a list of all suppliers and contact them to ensure we have good communication on the day.

For a more hands on package we have our Ruby Package which allows us to meet with the couple and find out what they are looking for and/or offer options or suggestions, search for venues and suppliers that meet the requirements of the vision, give the couple options to select from and go ahead and make the bookings as the couple see fit. We will set up and dress both the ceremony and reception locations/venues as the couple have invisioned on the day. This is a hands on package we aim to get to know our couple in order to make this as much of a personal experience as possible. We also assist with any hen or stag parties if requested.

For everything from begining to the end we have the Gold Package this is the package that will allow us to take care of every little detail big or small. It coveres everything in the Ruby Package but also includes full on the day support, preparation and development from the start. We also assist with dress fittings, the days itinerary, the couples special requirements and that of the wedding party e.g speaches, special gifts, honeymoons. We plan to create a great relationship with our couples in order to make them feel as comfortable as possible putting the day in our hands.