Lacey Lackman

event planner , wedding planner

Lacey Lackman
Rhineland, MO

The Perfect Planner for your Perfect Day.

I live in Rhineland Missouri, which is very close to Hermann, Missouri. Hermann is a town full of wedding venues. It is in the center of wine country and it is very ideal for brides looking for beautiful venues. I am 20 years old and already have an associates degree in business management. I am currently working at a wedding venue as a wedding coordinator trainee. I would love to venture out on my own and start planning events completely on my own. I am very creative and young so I have a lot of fresh ideas on parties, weddings and celebrations. I am also energetic so I can be there at any time you need me. I will work hard for your big day!


I am willing to do any type of event. I am very willing to do all the planning for weddings, birthdays, celebrations, funerals arrangements, anniversary parties, etc. I am willing to travel to meet with future clients. I will do all of the planning for you, so on your big day you can relax and enjoy it.

Planning includes:
thank you cards
party favors
family accommodations (hotels, B&Bs etc.)