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Alana Williams

event planner , wedding planner

Alana Williams

Kent and East Sussex

Making all of your Events Strictly the Best!

I am a professional Wedding and Event planner that enjoys making every Event special and unique. I believe in impeccable standards of customer service quality and believe that every client is important.
The services that I conduct are all individual as no client is the same or wants the same ideas. I pride myself in taking the description of what the client wants and turning it in a great event that they will always remember.

I have always had a strong interest in planning and organising and decided to use my strengths in order to earn a living. I have had various experiences working in the Events industry with my main focus being on the catering and hospitality side. I have worked in various establishments with regards to the catering and hospitality but have found that the event planning has always found me. I have had a strong role in organising events for these places which has made me see that it is something I really enjoy. I am now ready to qualify as a professional and start to build a long and successful career in Event and Wedding Planning.

I have been involved in all different aspects of organising such as Wedding planning, Charity events, Grand Balls, and various parties. All have been extremely successful and have shown me that I am able to plan in an effective manner that gives the clients exactly what they require for their parties.

My background originally before studying Event planning, was in Dance. I have a BA with Hons in Dance and Professional Practice and this really helps with the business side of Planning. Although people think that dance is physical, and a lot of it is, Dance has a very strong business profession which is where I learnt from. I have had experience planning, organising, assisting and developing business ideas for dance and it is with these skills that I use when organising a Clients Event. I feel that I am a diverse person with a knowledge that isn’t just in event Planning but has a wide range of inspiration.



There are a range of services that I can offer which range from general event planning to stationary craft.
Listed below are my services in full.
• Wedding Organising
• Birthday Parties
• Retirement Parties
• Graduation Celebrations
• Corporate Functions
• Charity Functions
• Stationary Craft – for clients who would like help designing and making their own stationary

All my services are affordable and effective towards having the best time possible as a client.

For more information on prices and if there are any questions about my services then please don’t hesitate to ask.

So please contact me by phone or email to ensure that your event is Strictly the Best!