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Rosemary Trahan

event planner, wedding planner

Rosemary Trahan

Mount Uniacke, NS

Want your event to be a dream come true then Dream Fairy is for you

My name is Rosemary Trahan. I am married with 2 little girls. I have a strong passion for wedding and event planning. I enjoy seeing a smile on people’s faces when there dream has come true. I want to give others there dream event to see them walk away the happiest the can be. I have experience working in event and wedding planning through the Military. I worked planning, booking the Military venue, pricing for weddings to Christmas parties. I enjoy working with others.

I am 28 years old with a high school education. I have 11 years served in the Military. I worked in the food industry and have some experience in accounting will working with the Military. I enjoy working with clients and guest in making there event a dream come true. I love seeing people happy and I am good with working in your budget. I will make your event you dream come true.


I will plan your wedding or event for you from start to finish. I will give you guidance and help you along the way. I offer my service to relieve the stress of planning your event. That way you will have nothing to worry about but enjoying your special day to its fullest. I will do everything I can to make your event run smoothly and make all your wishes come true on your special day. I will work with you and your budget. I am looking forward in making your dreams from true on your day.

I offer a free no hassle consultation.
Contact me at 902-222-9744 or email me at rosemarytrahan1@hotmail.com
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any further questions or concerns.