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Elizabeth Atanasov

event planner

Elizabeth Atanasov

0422 732 007

Making your event and unforgettable experience.

Firstly I’d like to say that before I decided to take on event planning professionally, I have been hosting and planning special events for the past 20 years. Everything from small dinner parties to formal gala balls with over a 100 guests.
I decided that to truly find fulfilment in my career, I would have to combine it with something that I really enjoyed doing.
I love food, I adore hosting get-togethers and I enjoy the challenge of organising an event. All this led me to make a career decision that felt very natural to me.
So here I am, offering my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to the world.

I am currently familiarising myself with what the local area offers to make your event stand out as unique and I am very optimistic and excited at what I’ve discovered. I have established a database of contacts that will allow me to provide my clients with extensive options and the ability to deliver what they require.


Our professional and personalized service ensures we never loose sight of your vision and we help you to achieve it all within your budget.
We can arrange the whole event or we can simply help find that one last item you still need to make your day complete.
If you are running out of time to complete the last minute details we can help you or if you have arranged everything but just need a helping hand on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly, give us a call.