Josephine Rocska

event planner

Josephine Rocska
Lombard, IL

My name is Josephine Rocska, I've been doing events for many years for friends and relatives, I have been told to start my own event planning. I enjoy partying with people and love to plan and organized. I love people and I always try to help. If there is a special theme I will try to locate solve problems, give ideas. I have someone who does the designing.
I try to help people stick with their budgets, sometimes they over budget a little. I have helped with weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and also Funeral events too.


I do Weddings, Showers of all sorts, Funeral Events. I'll help do some crafts to save you money, I also have a Designers, Craft people, I know bakers for special cakes. I have helped with ideas. I have done weddings in apartments, homes, & backyards. I will help people give them names of locations for your flowers, photo shops, photo booths, DJ's. I can charge hourly, or percentages, for instance I will charge mim of 20% to 40% depending on the budgets. Events start is $100 to $10, 000.00 anything higher I will have to get advisers for help. I can get used dresses low budget dresses for people who can't afford an expensive weddings. I will make you feel your dresses and halls look great.