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Angel Charette

event planner, wedding planner

Angel Charette

Sudbury, ON

Event Planning services to relieve the weight of the world off your shoulders!

A moment in time passes as fast as a snap of a finger and then before you know it, its the end of the night and your event is over. I am an Event/Wedding Planner who understands that every event is fortunate and special. I enjoy planning and organizing events to meet YOUR specific needs! Remember that every moment you spend away from your party is a memory lost in time. I will ensure that you will enjoy your own event/wedding as it should be. Why would you do all that hard work, to just end up running around like a chicken with your head cut off when you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day while I stress over the details!

I have my certificate for International Event and Wedding Professional (IEWP) through the QC School of Event and Wedding Planning.


For more information on my prices and services please visit my website at www.heroiceventplanning.com or you can e-mail me with any questions you may have at angel@heroiceventplanning.com


Angel has been a loyal employee for nine years. I have never seen such dedication in an employee at such a young age. Angel was and is a highly motivated individual who strives to empress and deliver. She always surpassed company policy with great efficiency in a timely mater. When problems arise, she would take charge and solve the problem almost instantly while working with her fellow employees. Angel demonstrated great leadership and team player skills since day one. If anyone can make this business a success, it’s her!

Lucille Sirois the Owner/Operator of An Angel’s Cleaning Touch in Sudbury, ON

This girl has organization down to a science. I have never seen such grace and poise in a binder before. This girl can organize anything thrown at her. Event planning will be second nature for this woman.

Joyce the Event Coordinator at the Howard Johnson in Sudbury, ON

I have never in all the thirty years that I have worked in men suit rentals ever seen such organization. She practically did my job for me. She not only knew exactly what was needed for her wedding but had all the suit codes for each party member included colors and style. If I would have to choose someone to take care of my business for a week without worry, she would be the one I would call in a heartbeat.

The Owner of Esquire Fashions in the Place Bonaventure Mall in Chelmsford, ON