Samantha Esdon

event planner

Samantha Esdon
Kitchener, ON

Esdon Events: Independent Fundraising Co.

Samantha Esdon, a Head Special Events Co-Coordinator for multiple fundraising projects, has been planning special events for almost five years and is a passionate advocate of world-issues and philanthropic events.
She puts in the artistic vision and organization needed to successfully pull off an entertaining event for all!


Esdon Events is an independent fundraising company that is partnered a variety of registered charities throughout Canada and the world!
For free and valuable help from Samantha, give her a call and let her know about your event.


"[Esdon Events] was able to put on a professional and worthy event in the name of the Children's Wish Foundation..."

Janet Fletcher, Fundraising Assistant, Children's Wish Foundation

"What an exciting and fun way to get the community involved in world-issues!"

Anonymous (Laser Tag Event of 2011)