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Fan Liu

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Fan Liu

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Right event planning services for the busy people, save your precious time.

Welcome to Fan Fun Event:
We are dedicated to applying fresh thoughts to help you create your dream events. The main events we do are party planning and wedding planning. We can help you out from pressure and save your precious time; just leave the chaos to us, we will take care of it.

Miss Fan Liu is a fresh blood to the business; she has extraordinary vision and meticulous planning abilities.

What we can do for you?
The key stages are: your initial consultation, selecting your venue, choosing catering, designing and decorating your event, guest management, cost control, hiring entertainment, keeping you in control.


Northumbria University
MSc of Business with Management

Currently promote the skill by studying the IEWP event and wedding planning program at QC Event School.


Miss Fan Liu is new to the business, her always meticulous attention to detail and eye for aesthetics. Miss Liu knows the importance of time and keeps the habit to do her best work in the limited time.


Party Planning
Christmas Party: A great way for companies to thank their staff and clients for their hard work and support over the year. Moreover, it is a nice occasion for colleagues to socialise and bond.

Birthday Party: A place for joy, an occasion for friends and family to relax from stress and work. Most importantly, to celebrate what a year the hose has.

Note: For these parties, we can offer a range of alternatives in every aspect from invitation, entertainment, food, and theming.

Wedding Planning

The wedding will be designed on your vision and we will try our best to reflect your style as a couple. Don't worry; we will always be your side to help go through every step. So why not you simply enjoy your big day, and leave the complicated event management to the professionals. Our service also include traditional Chinese wedding planning, giving you a different experience. Whether you are the couple who want to taste the exotic wedding or a Chinese couple that looking for your own cultural wedding.

Note: For these parties, we can offer a range of alternatives in every aspect from invitation, entertainment, food, and theming.

Free venue Finding

Venues are always one of the important elements of the event. After making note of all of your requirements and then set about finding the right venue to suit your event. Miss Liu has a list of venues that she believes are good for different event, and of course she still will constantly seeking out new and unique venues and locations, ensuring she choose the most suitable location before showing to the client.

For all details please call: 07910221264
Email: colour.123@163.com