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Brandy Adkins

event planner, wedding planner

Brandy Adkins

-upper Sandusky, OH

Hi, my name is Brandy.My passion in life is decorating, for ten years I have worked for Special Occasions Catering in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. At Special Occasions Catering, I have experience in decorating, cooking and management. Decorating is my favorite part of my job I love to take people's vision's and make them come alive. Sitting down talking to people and really getting to know who they are and what they envision for their event.

I grew up in the small town of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. At age 9 I started baby sitting and when I turn 15 I got a job at Special Occasions Catering. Now as an adult I realize how fortunate I was as a kid that my parents bestrode good work ethics, to my brother and I. At age 25 I have a full time job of 10 years, a house, and a beautiful little girl.


- Up to 100 guests: Includes
Event staff, Disposable table service, Punch and coffee, Buffet equipment and presentation.
- Weddings of 100-200 guests:
Plastic table covering for all tables plus guest table centerpieces, along with event staff, disposable table service, punch and coffee, buffet equipment, and presentation.
- Weddings 200 or more guests:
Add lattice backdrop, pillars, centerpieces for all guest tables, and fabric skirting. This package also includes everything from the above packages.