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Saeeda Ali

event planner, wedding planner

Saeeda Ali


"Unique styles for priceless moments"

I was born in Birmingham and have lived here for all my life and am 40 years old. My pride and joy are my two children, a 20 year old daughter and a son 11 years old.
I always strive to keep a positive attitude and have the ability to learn quickly. I enjoy socializing with people and have worked with a diverse range of individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicity and cultures.
I am a confident person who has many goals and aspirations that I’d like to fulfil which is why I undertook the event and wedding planning course as it is based on multiple tasks and challenges in styling people and places. I like planning, organizing and scheduling, working on time limits and presenting the best. I have a keen eye for detail and am often described as a bit of a perfectionist, I belive this attribute will play to my advantage as an event planner.
I enjoy playing squash, going to the gym, fashion designing, reading novels and travelling. I have been to most of the European countries. I went to Pakistan in 2003 with my children and lived there for three and a half years which we thoroughly enjoyed. My visits abroad have given me a chance to understand different cultures and will enable me to adapt to peoples desires in terms of organising a perfect event/wedding.

In 1996 I worked with Birmingham Bond Scheme which is a company that helps homeless people under specific criteria. I got a lot of satisfaction once a homeless person or couple were accommodated. I endeavour to get the best results and feel content when I have fulfilled the other person’s needs and completed my job to the best of my ability. Intrinsic satisfaction is a large part of why I like to work.
During the time I was bringing my children up I had an ambition to choose a field of work in which involved socializing, meeting new people, travelling and exploring different ventures. Being a competitive type of person I like to attempt challenges which need to be completed in set timelines. I am a versatile person, like to stay energetic and focused on any work load proposed.
My interest for this particular course occurred while I was sitting with my daughter telling her how I would like to occupy myself for the rest of my years. The duties for my children had lessened, and being a lively person I wanted to pursue a course that is full of activities and enabled me to rekindle my creative spark.
Being an optimistic person I know you are able to achieve anything at any age if you put your heart and mind into it. I enjoyed this course, it was very interesting and fascinating to study how much work and effort is put into one event or wedding to make it special. Nowadays there a lot more events that take place and people really like to go all out to make it a unique experience, I would love to bring peoples visions to life.


I am able to provide a number of services to ensure your special day is a success. By completing the Event and Wedding Planning course I have accumulated a large number of contacts from the caterers to the photographers and other vendors involved in the organisation of the event, I hope to not only get you the best deal but also the best services. I am able to successfully work on a budget if required as I understand the expenses that are involved when including the smallest details in an event. I have my own car which is a huge advantage when travelling to distant places during work. I am flexible in the times I can work and am able to work around the clients times as I believe time is crucial when planning any event.
There will be a consultation fee, only after the client is satisfied a contract will be drawn up and it is up to the client on how they wish to pay as in, flat rate or by the hour.