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Jamie-Lyn Knight

event planner

Jamie-Lyn Knight

London, ON

Call me and all your wants and needs in an event will be done marvelous

Greetings All

I am Jamie-Lyn Knight I am an event planner, I put together events for the community to bring people together because we matter.

I have a degree in business and community service worker and have recently added QC Events and Wedding planner to my resume to enhance my career.
I have done volunteer fundraisers and volunteered in the community for events and I am now inspired to do this on my own.
Growing up in the city and seeing people with drawn do to crimes showed me there was a need for my company. I will like to use this experience to unite the people, family, friends, colleagues, children.


I specialize in celebration events such as birthday parties, proms, graduations, retirement parties and holiday parties Christmas, New Years, Canada Day, Independence Day. Simply call me and tell me what you'll love. I will make the arrangement's for location, food Invitations, flyers; promotion, decorations/party favors and entertainment.