Amy Dumas

event planner, wedding planner

Amy Dumas
Cranbrook, BC

"Making your dream event a reality!"

My name is Amy, and planning events has always been a dream of mine! Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary party or even a corporate retreat, I can help you stay on track, stay on budget and make your event more than you've ever dreamed of!

I have been planning events for as long as I can remember and have experience in any event imaginable! I have planned weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, staff parties, bachelor parties, baby showers and more! After 15 years of planning events in my spare time, I decided to finally start doing it professionally and am now enrolled in the Event and Wedding Planning course at the QC School of Event and Wedding Planning.


I can assist you in any event you may be planning! I offer services in weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, family reunions and more! There is no event I won't be able to help you with! From initial consultations, where I can give you ideas on themes and a direction in which to go, to full event coordination where you tell me what you would like and I take care of all of the details! Contact me today for a full services offered and price sheet! I look forward to hearing from you!


I hired Amy to plan and host a baby shower for my daughter and brand new granddaughter! I work full time shift work and long story short do not have much time to myself. Amy was very easy to talk to and had lots of suggestions and took care of everything I needed her to. Amy decorated the hall, picked up all my food trays and set things up so I did not have anything to worry about. I asked Amy to host the shower as I am not good at talking in front of people and I just wanted to enjoy myself, she did a wonderful job, and everybody enjoyed themselves. The best thing was I was able to go to the baby shower and enjoy myself just like any other guest. I would definitely recommend Amy for any of your party planning needs!

Judy Van Zanteen

I got married on May 12, 2012 and if it wasn't for Amy I am not sure the day would have gone the way it did. She is so helpful. I had her running around doing everything from picking up the flowers to playing the music for my ceremony. She took a weight of my shoulders and everyone else's that was involved. I would highly recommend her services! Professional and easy to give orders to! The perfect" Day of" coordinator. Thank you Amy.

Sam Quinn

The 1970’s theme Birthday party I attended was the first costume event I had been to since dressing up for Halloween as a child. Upon entering the party, I was fascinated with how well the room was decorated and also how well the party had been thought out. Amy did such a great job with everything, right down to classic 70’s vinyl records for wall decor. The newspaper and magazine clippings were also fascinating to see. I never envisioned myself dancing to the music of the 70’s or wearing a velvet jumpsuit, but it was an experience I will remember always. I attended the function with my husband, and knew a good number of the guests, but felt even if I was a stranger I would have had a blast. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t have had a phenomenal time. I also was fortunate enough to attend a 1980’s theme New Year’s party which again, was so much fun and truly unforgettable. Friends and I reminisce about these events on a regular basis! I look forward to future engagements co-ordinated by Amy!

Michelle Lee