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Cartrell Chamberlain

event planner, wedding planner

Cartrell Chamberlain

Orlando, FL

My name is Cartrell Chamberlain, im a St. Louis native that lives in Orlando Fl. now. I have a 9 to 5 job working as a sales agent for a local cable company, but im starting my own business in event planning. I have always loved the idea of attending parties in random places and meeting new people. Event planning gives me the option of doing that and also making money at the same time. I wanna do planning for all sort of events from corporate events to birthday parties. I have a strong faith in God this will be a strong running business for many years to come.

I graduated highschool in 98 at Lakeland Senior High School in Lakeland Fl. From there i did a year and half at University of South Florida in Tampa Fl. I didnt graduate but i never stopped trying to persue a higher education or trade that i use in the long run. I found QC Career School online one day after contemplating what i wanted to do with the rest of my life. I found a career where I can make good money and also enjoy what I do. After finishing all my courses I plan on taking the next step to success and begin practice.


I am an Professional Event Planner, the services that I provide for my clients are nothing short of professional. I do Corporate events such as grand openings for a new company, or for a new product. For those every year special holiday parties for employees, or employee retreats to congradulate someone for doing a great job. Or just to boost team morality thoughout the company. Also I do parties for celebrites when they are promoting a new movie or dropping a new album. The party doesnt stop there, we aslo do private parties for birthday, graduations, and bachelor parties. As and Event Planning pricing for my services very on the size of event and time of year. Please contact for further pricing information.