Testimonials for Caroline Martin

“I was so pleased to hear that you have decided to go into the event planning business. You couldn’t have made a better choice. “I recall the time you almost singlehandedly took charge of the preparations for the fashion show that the iconic Pitoy Moreno staged in Bangkok when I was the ambassador there. Without a doubt, you were truly instrumental in the resounding success of that cultural activity of the Embassy. “Here’s wishing you the best in your new endeavor.”

Former Ambassador to Thailand Reynaldo O. Arcilla; Contributor-Writer, Malaya Business Insight, Philippines

"Carol Martin's organizational skills have been tried and tested during her long foreign ministry stint where she handled programs involving ASEAN member states. CLM Events Services' strength lies in her experience and expertise in events management. She is consistently a reliable organizer and a creative solution finder."

Consul Flerida Ann Camille Puzon-Mayo, Philippine Embassy, Canada

“Congratulations Carol for setting up CLM Events Services. I’m sure that with your creative talents and excellent organization skills you’ll be able to transform the parties, meetings and gatherings of your clients into magical events which they will cherish throughout their lives.”

Josephine Manuel-LeBlanc, Former Work Colleague now based in France

"Carol, Congratulations in your new endeavor! Expect that with this new glory, shall come more challenges and obstacles in life ahead. Face these with some courage and a lot of determination, and success will keep flowing in. No doubt you will definitely succeed with serious efforts and sincere dedication. I am so happy for you, knowing that you will soon be doing something that you truly love . Warmest felicitations my dearest friend. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

Thelma Martinez-Divino, Foreign Service Staff Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs, former Work Colleague stationed in Japan

“We are happy and excited that our good friend, Caroline is finally venturing on an endeavor we feel she should have started a long time ago. Her long and rigorous training at the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs organizing and coordinating movements and activities of inter-governmental meetings and conferences at the highest levels allowed her to develop superb organizational skills with an acute sense of the minutest detail. Her managerial competence and proficiency can only benefit a clientele that demands excellence and expect flawlessness for any event preparations. We have no doubt that with her perseverance and God’s guidance she will be able to share her gifts with a lot of people.”

Eric and Daisy de la Pena, Chicago, Illinois, Former Work Colleagues

“I am so happy for you in your new venture.. knowing your dedication, your confidence, your determination to get things done... this will keep you going... Congratulations Carol!!!”

Pinky Arriola-Patawaran, Former Work Colleague, now based in New York City, USA

“Carol Martin's diplomatic professional experience in organizing world class/high level summit events, meetings and conferences will always be a plus, giving her an edge over the rest ! Go for CLM Events, Creative, logical and meticulous !”

Grace Valera, Executive Director, Migrant Heritage Commission, Washington D.C.; Organizer of Miss Teen Philippines-America; Former Work Colleague