Annaliese Moore

event planner

Your event made special

My name is Annaliese Moore, I am 21 years of age, outgoing, friendly, creative, easygoing and organised.
I am very creative and imaginitive and hope to use this within the events I organise. I am easygoing and flexible so whatever you need, I will be able to help with.

I havent got a huge background in events as I am only 21 and havnt had a lot of opportunities but have helped arrange meals out for grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, I organised my 21st birthday party last year and have always been the person in my group of friends to organise things wether its just a trip to the cinema or a day out.
I have worked in a small events team before for a month or two gaining the experience within events and the process in planning them.
I have a background of art and graphic design at school and college so that will help a lot when it comes to the layout, colour schemes and general creativity in your event.


Weddings - Big, small, medium sized.

Parties - Halloweeen, milestone parties, Kids parties

Small corportate events

I offer a free consultation with the addition of the event or charge for the consultation if its just the consultation alone.

I charge by the hour and include exta travel costs for out of town events.