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Ann-Marie Todd

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Ann-Marie Todd


Here to help your day become your PERFECT DAY!

Hello and welcome to PERFECT DAY my name is Ann-Marie Todd and I am a qualified wedding and event planner with many years personal experience of organising family weddings and special events.

If you are reading this then it is likely that you are looking for a little help or advice with planning a wedding or special event. Here at PERFECT DAY you can be sure there is nothing we want more than for you to look back and know that your day went as perfectly as you had dreamed.

Whether you are looking for some advice on venues for a wedding or looking for someone to come in and organise the big party from start to finish then we can help.

I studied at Tresham College in Kettering where I gained qualification in Business Studies and CLAIT (Computer Literacy And Information Technology).
In my early twenties I teamed up with my mother and my sister and we opened a family run bridal shop. We began by selling wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses but within a year we had expanded to offering a bridal flower service. In turn this expanded to venue decorating which led me to trying new things like balloon arches and sweet trees. It was one of the brides who turned to me after an event one day and told me that I should try to organise events and as she was delighted with what we had done for her on her special day.
Coming from a large family which includes 24 nieces and nephews I found the opportunity to put my skills to practice. I spent the next ten years organising birthday parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties and I even joined my daughters Brownie troop so that I could help organise some of their events. I did not stop there I proceeded to become a co-manager of a youth group in my local area so that I could assist in organising youth trip and special events.
Ten years later and just having my third child I decided it was time to gain a formal qualification so that I could do what I loved doing in a professional setting.
Here I am newly qualified in Wedding and Event Planning and ready to put all my experience into helping you to make your dream day come true.


Here at PERFECT DAY we aim to help in any way possible.

If all you need is some advice on what venue is best then we are here to help.
Need an idea for a themed party then we're happy to help.
Need someone to come up with an idea and make it all happen then look no further?

All our services begin at the time that the client picks up their phone and contacts us. During the telephone call we ask questions to help us ascertain what type of event the client wishes to host and how much assistance they require from us. Once this information has been collected we will book a consultation with the client at a convenient time to suit them. During the period of the phone conversation and the consultation our company will work to come up with ideas and preliminary figures to present to our client.

During the consultation we will present the client with information we have gathered. For example, we can give them ideas on themes and try to paint a picture in their minds of how a venue would look. We would also present them with preliminary figures which would be subject to change depending on services required and budgetary allowances.

Once an agreement has been made and we have ascertained what assistance the client wishes to receive from us we can continue with the tasks ahead which may include:

Obtaining a suitable venue, finding suitable catering services, sending out invitations, finding suitable entertainment for the event, finding public speakers for the event, and much more.

There are no jobs too small for us and we are happy to provide an advisory service or we can help to organise your entire day and attend the event to help to trouble shoot any mishaps that may occur allowing our clients to sit back and relax, enjoying the day to its fullest.