Kellie Donnellan

event planner, wedding planner

Kellie Donnellan
Brisbane, QLD

Trust someone with inspiration to make your special day special.

My name is Kellie Donnellan, i'm a passionate outgoing person thriving to do what I love most which is making people happy. All my life i've done everything to make everyone else happy sometimes forgetting about myself, but by forwarding a career in Event and Wedding Planning I realise I could have both. By planning someones special day for them, taking all the pressure off of them just for that one moment will make them happy, Ecstatic even which would of course mean i'm doing my job right and would also make me happy knowing i've helped them out.

I'm from a small suburb in the big city of Brisbane. I left school feeling like I had a passion for making people feel special and look beautiful so I attended a Beauty College to do a Beauty and Make-up certificate. After this I realised it wasn't my biggest passion, I still wanted to make people feel special but in a different way, which is when I realised I wanted to make them feel special by planning their most treasured day and making them feel like the luckiest most beautiful person on earth at the same time as helping all their dreams for the day come true which is what evidently led me to Event and Wedding Planning.


I provide services in both wedding and event planning and mainly I provide a helping hand to make your day exactly what you hoped and dreamed it would be. I will be able to be there with you through every step of your journey leading up to your big day including, Venue Bookings, Cake Tastings, Dress Fittings, Florist Meetings and many others.