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Louisa Jenkins

event planner, wedding planner

Louisa Jenkins


Hand pick your perfect memories.

Hi, my name is Louisa and I am currently studying to become a professional event and wedding planner.
At present I am a full-time emergency services employee and a full-time mother to an eleven year old boy.
A lot of people have an idea about what they want for their wedding, birthday or anniversary party but don’t know how to create it.
I want to be able to offer people the possibility of creating those ideas, of having what they want at their special occasion.
To create these memories we will hand-pick your ideas to create perfect memories.
I believe whatever you can think of, can be achieved.

I have been working within the emergency services for just over 8 years and this requires patience, listening to peoples needs and then working out a solution.
This has given me the experience to work as an Event and Wedding planner and the qualities you would need to create a special occasion suited to the your needs.
I have helped organise several events. A few family weddings, special milestone birthdays and anniversaries.
I love using my imagination and then creating this for someone. I love making things special and put every effort in to complete this.


I would assist you with putting our ideas together and making something which you would be excited about. I would work with you to create this and involve you in every aspect of the occasion.
From a consultation to planning the whole event. It is totalling up to you what you would need from me. This can be discussed during an initial consultation and see what we can create and how far we can go. The options are endless.....