Lauren Brown

wedding planner

I strive to make one of the most important days of your life, the most memorable.

I'm a graduate of Lakeland Community College and John Carroll University. I graduated from high school and Lakeland at the same time earning my G.E.D and my Associates Degree. I graduated in three years with my Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a minor study in English at John Carroll University.

I'm currently studying Wedding and Event planning with QC School of Wedding and Event Planning.

I've wanted to be a Wedding Planner since I was 12. My heart has been in the industry for many years, through high school and college. I love everything about weddings. I'm quite particular about the way things look in a setting and will do all that I can to make a setting look and feel extraordinary and exquisite.

I make sure that I ask lots of questions during client consultation meetings to understand exactly what my clients want so that I can guarantee an end result that they will be more than happy with. I'm extremely time conscious and will always arrive between 10 and 5 minutes early to appointments and meetings with a client. I'll arrive as early as I need to on the day of an event to make sure everything is going according to plan.


Wedding Planning and party planning for parties no larger than 50 people.