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Renetta Artmont Soubai

event planner

Renetta Artmont Soubai

Oxnard, CA

For the Design that you can't help, but to smile.

*Regular Standard Face-painting Day
+ Packages:
- Customized to your Party Theme
- With Colorful Braids
- With Color Strips & Hair Gems.

* Day of Event Management
- Birthdays
- Bridal Showers.
- Baby Showers
- Picnics
- Restaurants
- Grand Openings
- Fundraising Events
- Community Events ( Small or Large )
- Glamour Sets
- Photo Shoot
- Business Events
- Corporate events
- Family Reunions
_ and more.

* Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara & Skin Makeover Party

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Being Creative is a vital part of my life. Creating brings me Joy !
People always ask how long I've studied or when I started face painting.
The answer will surprise you. Only, since 2011.
I attended Ruby Makeup Academy to obtain my Certification/License specifically for Face & Body Art.

However, I've been creating since I was a little girl, coloring, molding, making, preparing, putting together. Crayons, Clay, Paint, Glitter, Gift Basket Arrangements, Fabric, Decor and much more.

Mom & Dad have been collecting my artwork for years!

My husband and I share a business together where you must create and apply.
He saw my face-paint vision since we were dating and always has brilliant ideas that I can incorporate often.

When Face-painting was introduced to me, I was intrigued and enchanted with the possibilities and delights of creating artwork on canvases that were all around me, ready and willing with a smile.

I really love what I do.

Being able to make people feel special, important, unique and beautiful is a treasure. My hope is that each will have unexpected joy in their created design.

I look forward to conventions, events and may other workshops to continue to flourish, inspire to create and learn new techniques and ways to make the next painting more beautiful that the design that is currently.

I just want to see you smile!

Thank you everyone that hires me and allows me the privilege of letting me use your skin as a canvas. You bring me joy and I hope Joyful Face Paint brings you joy too.

In process :
International Event and Wedding Planning Certification.
Makeup Artist Certification.

- Day of Wedding and Event Coordination
- Organized and planned a variety of Events and Parties.
- Coordination with Advertising, Promotion and Marketing services and vendors.
- Coordination of Travel, Transportation, Rental Venues, Catering and Entertainment services.
- Coordination of Fundraising events.
- Relay for Life"American Cancer Society" Community Team Captain and Committee Member.
-Coordination and Conduction of team meetings and fundraising events.
- Social Media Marketing
- Makeup and Hair Design experience.


Renetta was awesome!!! Her artwork was amazing!!! She is extremely friendly and great with kids. I'm very happy that I found her and I will definitely recommend her to everybody I know. Her assistant was also very awesome and was friendly to my little guest. She really did an awesome job!!!!!!

Maritsa Rio