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Milisa Catherine Moimoi Niutupuivaha

event planner, wedding planner

Milisa Catherine Moimoi Niutupuivaha

Levittown, NY


Welcome My name is Milisa and I'm a wedding & event planner. I am the owner of "Cherishable Memorie's Are Forever". I help plan all type's of events. I will provide you with detail's that will make you'r event stand out and have you'r guest's leaving with unforgettable memorie's. This will lead, to having them come back to you'r next event.

I will meet with you and ask questions so I can find out what you want to present. I will share the details of the picture I have created for you'r event to make it a ravishing moment. As we get the same picture in mind, we will move on and make the event happen. The excitement of joy that you are looking forward to is what motivates me to go for it! I'm a self motivated person.
ExperiencesI have alot of experiences requiring wedding's and birthday's including milestones. I have also planned certain parts of an event plus, the whole event.
I have planned a wedding about 4 years ago. The venue was really plain and needed alot of work to make it look like a wedding. I hired caterer's, Usher's, DJ etc. to make the event happen.
The color of the wedding was pink and white. I orderer a 5 layer cake made of pink and white roses and lilies, baby breath's and greenery for the topping. I also decorated the handle of the knife they were going to use to cut the cake, with the same flowers.
The tables and chairs were also white with pink material tied and the bow showing in the back. For the center piece, there were two large rings with a large pink and white ribbon with the name of the couple and it had the pink and white roses and a little greenery in between the ribbon.
I had help with decorations, we had pink and white material throughout the top of the venue. It was from the center to every corner and side. When you looked up, you wouldnt notice the scratches and wholes that are there. It made the room look brighter and more welcoming. They also I put large vases on the floor with different flowers and greenery all over the room.
I also made reservations for the couple to leave from the party and straight to a trip to the bahamas for they're honeymoon. It was an event to remember.
It was a long day, but everyone including the guests and the couple enjoyed themselves.


I am willing to serve people all over the world. It doesn't matter how big or how small the event will be, but I look forward to working with you.

I plan wedding's and all types of events from birthday's, funeral's, open house, barmitzvah's etc.I also contact vendors, caterer's, security, venue's, florist's, transportation etc, depending on what you will need for the event.

I am honest about the work I do. After the first appointment, if I know I can do it, I'll do it. If I know I can't help you, I'll honestly be true about it than waist alot of time. I love my job and it's important to me that you are satified with the details.

Let me help take the load off of your shoulders and I will do all the contacts and reservations while you relax and get ready to enjoy this special event. Let me do the work, your trust in me is all it takes.

So, do you have a party that is bothering you because you don't know how to handle it? Give me a call and I will be glad to make an appointment to meet you and help you with your needs. Together, we can come up with planning an extraordinary event that will be hard to forget about.


I am really impressed with the 1st birthday of our daughter. I just left it all in the event planners hands. I didnt have to worry so much about the programs that were planned for the party. I didnt have to worry about the food, vendors decorations or the cake. I was relaxed, and everything went great. It's such a wonderful idea to hire an event planner, it takes all the stress of off you and you just sit there and enjoy youself.

Taliana Ford

Thank you soo much for your help in putting our family reunion together. You have opened our eyes with the activities and entertainment that you had set up for our reunion. The food was great and it was easy for the out of state families to get here without any problems of looking for a room. We are so greatful to you and your work. Looking forward to see you again for our next event planned.

Sanrda Villareal

The wedding was awesome.. Decorations were beautiful. It didnt look like a gymnasium after all. My guests were impressed. We all loved the hawaiian chocolate coved macadamia nuts.. they were a great idea. Thanks again.

Ishel Pontilea