Brittney Barnard

wedding planner

Brittney Barnard
Cincinnati, OH

Inspired By Your Love Story

I've always been a sap for romantic comedies, love stories, and of course WEDDINGS!!! My favorite things are my family, sand between my toes, great music, and anything with sugar. I've come to realize that all my favorite things help fuel my passion for becoming a wedding planner.

Being so close to my family helps me understand unconditional love. The idea of living life to see your loved ones as happy as possible! This is most evident in life's great moments like a wedding.

Thinking about sand between my toes instantly makes me feel relaxed. This is the feeling that as a wedding planner I want my bride and groom and their friends and family to feel. My wish is for everyone to be so relaxed that they can enjoy each minute of their special day.

Great music has a way of taking you to places you’ve been and places you haven’t. I’ve obviously never lived in the 1940’s but every time I listen to Ella Fitzgerald I’m taken to a special place. I’m taken to a romantic, feminine, soulful place. One of my favorite memories is listening to Tiffany on my Walkman cassette player on the back of Dad’s tractor while he cut the grass. It’s about being able to put on that one album or song that takes you exactly where you want to go. This is why I think the song you pick for your first dance is so special!

My brother is obsessed with the cheese plate at weddings. For me, it’s the wedding cake!!! The wedding cake is such a great way to incorporate the couples style and personality. I’m pretty sure I've never met a cake I didn't like. I know I sound like the picture of perfect health here but seriously,…it’s wedding cake!

All of these things along with many others really do fuel my passion for becoming a wedding planner. It's not my job it's a dream come true. How blessed I am to be given the opportunity to help tell such beautiful love stories!


Packages begin at $1800

Cheek to Cheek / Full Coordination and Styling Package
From here till your dancing cheek to cheek. With my expertise and discerning eye, we will dream together to design your personal, thoughtful, and stylish wedding.

Unforgettable / Partial Coordination and Styling Package
This package is for those brides that need assistance with arranging all of the details the month before your wedding. We will be there to create a timeline, direct the rehearsal, and carry it all out on your wedding day. With out forgetting a thing!

Sweet Pea / Styling Packages
Inspiration Board $65 (includes a scheduled phone consultation)
Weekday (M-Th) $500
Weekend (F-Sun) $1,200