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Give me Face!! Pose for M'JAD

Latoya Roland

makeup artist

Latoya Roland

Apex, NC

What is better than looking amazing and having great confidence to conquer on the day.

I am a outgoing and friendly gal, who has a great eye for makeup. I loved having my face beat anytime I could. It's just the feeling of looking amazing that melts my heart. I am a professional MUA. Small country town of Apex.

I am a black owned business ☺️. I attended QC academy for my degree in becoming a MUA. I love to work with everyone the more experience the better.


Basic beat: $40
Everyday wear, simple
Full face, lashes not included
Natural, nude colors

Masiah's beat:$60
Little more than basic beat
Full face lashes included for $5.00
Little more added color
Red ,pink, white etc

Dream's Beat: $80
Full face dramatic
Lashes included
Pop of colors or glitter
(1hr/30mins to 2hr)

Glamorous life Beat:$100
Full face
Lashes included
Eyeshadow colors ( more than one color)
Lipstick/lipgloss color of choice
Color eyeliner
(The full complete package that will make you feel you are the only person in the room. This would include bridal makeup as well.)

Bridal makeup
Prices can be varied!!!!
Per hour