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Teresa Gomes

event planner , wedding planner

Teresa Gomes


Elegance and style with calm, care and thought!

I have created a firm which is built on the following believes and values. A passion for creating truly wonderful occasions whilst ensure all details are thought about and handled without a fuss. To respect and to be sensitive to my clients needs and at the same time creating truly inspirational events, which will have everlasting memories for them.

I am in my final year of University, studying Psychology, which provides me with a unique insight into people's desires and dreams.

I have spent many years working in the service industries, where I have gained experience and knowledge about how to make wonderful evenings.


My firm offers a complete suite of services, ranging from small intimate gatherings to large scale corporate events.

My specialty, is to create truly unique one-ff events for selected clients, who I can work in partnership with them to understand their requirements.