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Makeup by Izz

Nina Torres

makeup artist

Nina Torres

San Francisco/ San Jose, CA

From enhancing to transformative, I've got you covered.

Salutations! I'm Izz, and I'm here for any and all your makeup needs. From subtle enhancement to a total transformation, from street to stage, you can count on me to meet your needs.

My interest in makeup began with YouTube, like many others. I started with my own face, erasing, enhancing, and sculpting away. As an (almost) lifelong thespian, it was natural that my love of makeup would meet my love of theater, and I began to do the makeup for various school shows, including ones I was in. Between shows, I played on my own canvas, venturing into different styles and color schemes, expanding my range of skills.


No-Makeup Makeup: Wanting to capture that "I woke up like this" look? This is for you! This is still a full face of makeup, just made to seem barely there. Think fresh, effortless, and undetectable.
Soft Beat: Somewhere between no-makeup makeup and total transformation lies the soft beat. This is the type of full face you'd see on J-Lo on the red carpet. Think enhanced, glamorous, and soft.
Total Transformation: This is where we bring out the big guns. From Insta-glam to drag, this is the whole nine yards. Cut creases, glitter, and lashes, oh my! Think bold, show-stopping, and transformative.